Make Data-driven Business Decisions via BigZata

Use BigZata to find the hottest Amazon products of 2016. Know more and Sell more!

Make Data-driven Business Decisions via BigZata

Use BigZata to find the hottest Amazon products of 2016. Know more and Sell more!

Identify Your Product Niche

Search from millions of listings in the Amazon Best Seller categories and subcategories.

1. Start broad and drill down to your niche.

Conduct Amazon Exploratory Research by  Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Mover & Shakers, Top Rated, Most Wished For, Most Gifted.
Choose a top category you want to conduct product research
Choose a Sub-category and Find Your Niche. Click Here to See More

2. Use the search bar to find a specific product. Amazon’s Best Sellers page does not offer a search function.

Use Amazon product search bar
Accurate Amazon product search result

Discover Profitable Products

Assess and identify new selling opportunities to build a winning product portfolio.

Quick product overview to discover potential product ideas.


The current product ranking compared with its product ranking the previous week. This product’s ranking jumped up by over 700 in one week!

Rank %

The change in % tells you how much a product’s rank has moved up or down. Look for the biggest gainers in Rank % to find the hottest products. A drop in Rank % could indicate this product is on the decline.

Product Reviews

The total number of product reviews compared with the total from the previous week. This can be used to provide an estimate on the number of sales a product has. On average,1 review equals approximately 100 sales.

Reviews +/-

The number of reviews gained in the previous week. Products which greatly increase in number of reviews per week are likely to be selling many units. Look for the biggest gainers in reviews to find the hottest products.

Sort by Rank and Review

Simply click on the tabs to sort by highest or lowest values.

10 Week Product Trends

Get the big picture by analyzing historical data of sales rank, buy box price, total sellers, review ratings & count.

Amazon 10 weeks best sellers rank trend

Best Sellers Rank

See whether the sales rank of the product is trending up or down.

Amazon 10 weeks review counts

Total Reviews

Use reviews to estimate the number of recent orders.

Amazon 10 weeks Average product rating

Average Rating

Track the review rating of a listing over time.

Amazon 10 weeks Buy Box Price Trend

Buy Box Price

Estimate the potential profit margin.

Amazon 10 weeks Seller number

Total Sellers

Track the number of sellers on the listing.

Compare Multiple Products Side by Side

Stop wondering how one digital camera compares with another. The Compare Tool lets you select products for evaluation side-by-side. Effortlessly compare and contrast a product’s sales rank, reviews, rating, price, and more.

Amazon Product Compare Tool

Scope out the Competition

1. Spy on your competitors’ best selling items and generate new product ideas.

Search your competitor's name to spy on their selling performance

2. Spot your top competitors within a category. Select any competitor to pull up their top selling listings.

Amazon Competitor Product Research

Monitor Best-selling Products and Brands

Whether you are a private label owner or retailer, you can continuously track the performance of your products for greater market insight.

Monitor Best-selling Products and Brands

Uncover Unauthorized Sellers

If you haven’t authorized sales from another seller, Total Sellers should read “1”. If it reads anything else, simply click to reveal the unauthorized resellers on the Amazon listings page.

Uncover Unauthorized Sellers

Catalogue your search

Streamline the research process by adding promising products to your Favorites Listings.

Catalogue your Amazon product search

Custom folders and notes make it easy to follow-up on potentially promising products.

Manage your Amazon product search result